genie by Getha and Plantoys Malaysia are collaborating to bring a brand new experience to you and your family that integrating range of premium baby bedding product with eco-friendly sustainable toys.

After visiting genie by Getha, we are sure that you will be amazed by their range of bedding items. Complimenting your children’s room, quality wooden-toys like Plantoys will be your best choice!

Why choose Plantoys?

Plantoys award -winning wooden toys are very popular around the world due to their eco-friendly nature and strong safety credentials, such as, the use of recycled and recyclable packaging and replanting of trees.

Safety of toys

Plantoys uses water and soy-based, non-toxic dyes which are safe for children, more durable and longer-lasting than oil and chemical-based paints, as well as utilizing many other safe and sustainable materials such as non-formaldeyde glue.

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