Balancing Cactus


This multi-awards winning Balancing Cactus is a classic of balancing toy. It is designed based on the basic physics principles like centre of gravity and weight distribution.

Players start building from the wooden base, each player takes turns adding the wooden bulbs to the base to form a cactus. Each bulbs comes in different sizes and weights. If you put too much weight on one side then it topples over so children have to learn the correct way to build it.

It is all about strategy! The player that can build and balance the cactus without making it fall is the winner. Ideal for 1 to 4 players.

Received 6 toy awards in 4 countries:

  • Germany Spiel Gut (Good Toy)
  • Germany German Desing Prize (Deutscher Designpreis Holzspielzeug)
  • Japan Good Toy Award by Good Toy Association
  • Japan JIDA Design Museum Selection
  • Singapore Harpers Bazaar Junior Best Toys Award
  • Thailand Good Toy Award

This item comes with a total of 19 parts and a How to Play guide:

  • 1 wooden base
  • 3 dark green bulbs
  • 3 green bulbs
  • 3 light green bulbs
  • 3 yellow bulbs
  • 3 orange bulbs
  • 3 red bulbs

33 in stock

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 9 cm



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